Deer Scent

Buck Trot 100% Estrous Lure


100% Peak Estrous Lure

Extracted During 24-Hour Estrous Cycle

Includes Fingertip Sprayer

Limited Supply Available




During the 24-hour period just before a doe stands to be bred, she releases her most enticing estrous scent as a signal to all bucks that she is ready for the breeding cycle. At this time, mature bucks are seen with their heads low to the ground, neck outstretched and in Full Rut. This is the period when we collect BUCK TROT™ Peak Estrous Lure.


Mist BUCK TROT™ through the fingertip sprayer on branches, leaves, limbs or dirt as you approach your stand location.  Pour remaining lure into a scrape to create natures own method of attraction.  You can also apply it to a Scent Shoe pad, drag rag, scent bomb or scent wick.

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