Whitetail Almanac

The WHITETAIL ALMANAC is a comprehensive calendar predicting the daily feeding and travel patterns of the white-tailed deer.

Comfort - Convenience - Mobility

A revolutionary mobile hunting chair, designed to take all the work out of transporting gear to and from your favorite outdoor adventure.

Walk That Trophy Buck To Your Stand

Scent Shoe is odorless thermal plastic material stretches perfectly over all types of boots and shoes, and will lead the buck straight to your stand.

Meet the Most Advanced Dove Decoying Device

New remote control unit,  Dove Feeding Frenzy allows you to control the unit from 100 yards away.

All Natural Cover Scents - Guaranteed

Reduce the amount of human scent in the air and on the ground to trace levels, so whitetails and other game never smell you coming.

All-Natural Acorn Formula - Attracts Whitetails,And Keeps Them In Your Hunting Area

DEER HERE has been used successfully in the field for over 27 years. The formulation produces a calming effect, which keeps deer searching for the source of the smell.

Use BUCK HERE Aerosol Estrous Lure - During Pre-Rut, Rut & Post Rut Periods


Scent particles, form a barrier between the hunter and game animals approaching from down wind, giving you... the Hunter's Edge!

Phone Muff


Eliminate Hand and Arm Movement While Tree Stand or Ground Blind Hunting

"This Monster Buck had his head down smelling every step. I'm telling ya, if you're not wearing the SCENT SHOE during the Rut, you're crazy!"

-Larry Kitchel

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