Deer Scent

Buck Here Aerosol Estrous Lure


Contains Estrous Secretions

Use During Pre-Rut, Rut and Post-Rut Periods

Last 2-Times Longer Than Cans With Locking Nozzles

Scent Particles Form Barrier Between Hunter and Game



Spray Buck Here Doe-In-Heat Aerosol Estrous Lure on leaves, limbs, grass and dirt as you

approach your tree stand or ground blind. Once in your stand, continue to spray a

generous amount of scent in the air every 15 to 20 minutes. The scent particles will

attach to leaves, limbs, and brush as they drift through the woods or across open fields.

Those same scent particles form a barrier between the hunter and game animals

approaching from down wind, giving you… the Hunter’s Edge!

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