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Reveals Daily Feeding And Travel Patterns of The White-Tailed Deer


The WHITETAIL ALMANAC is a comprehensive calendar predicting the daily feeding and travel patterns of the white-tailed deer. The listed information will indicate when a major feeding period should occur and where to hunt during that period. Green Days suggest stand placement along Travel Routes or the edge of a Food Supply. Days which are Red in color, suggest hunting in or around a whitetail Resting Place.


Green Days Indicate Morning and Afternoon Hunts


Red Days Indicate Hunting in or Around Resting Places


Black Days Indicate Non-Hunting Months

Predicts When 70% Of Deer Movement Should Occur!

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  • Radio Telemetrey Studies
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Helping Hunters Be At The Right Place & Right Time For The Last 25-Years!


The daily feeding and travel pattern information found in the Whitetail Almanac App, indicates the time and place when a major feeding period should occur. The Hunting Journal gives you an opportunity to record the events, which take place during that period.

Climate, terrain, wind direction and rutting behavior will differ from region to region. Record as much information as possible during each hunt. As you record them, various movement patterns will begin to emerge, which will help you form strategies to “Outwit The Game You Hunt.”


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  • Record Hunting Events in the Hunting Journal by – Stand Name / Date / Time In / Time Out / State / County / Township / Hunting Method / Game Hunted / Hunting Areas / Food Supply / Weather / Temperature / Wind Direction / Barometric Pressure / Moon Phase / Number of Scrapes Observed / Number of Rubs Observed / Number of Whitetail Observed / Whitetail Activity / Whitetails Harvested / Number of Points / Deer Weight / Method of Harvest / Notes
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