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"Outwit the game
you Hunt"


The Scent Shoe by Hunter’s Edge, is a revolutionary scent dispersal system, which allows hunters to leave game-tracking scent with each step. The over shoe design puts 10 times more scent on the ground than a drag rag, while keeping the scent off your boots and hands.

During the Rut, apply Doe Estrous Lure to one Scent Shoe Pad and Dominant Buck Lure to the other. This will imitate a buck chasing a doe, increasing your odds of harvesting a Trophy Whitetail.

  • Odorless thermal plastics material stretches perfectly over all types of boots & shoes
  • Tread design grips in all types of terrain
  • Body weight transfers scent from pad to ground with each step
  • Puts 10 times more scent on the ground than a drag rag

“That Monster Buck had his head down smelling every step. I’m telling ya, if you’re not wearing the SCENT SHOE during the Rut, you’re crazy!”
– Larry Kitchel